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2001–2016 Saginaw Valley State

Saginaw Valley State University participates in the Advanced Placement Program of the College Entrance Examination Board and grants either advanced credit, advanced placement or both, to freshmen who have completed college-level studies while still in high school and have earned satisfactory scores on the Advanced Placement examinations.

  2001–2016 Saginaw Valley State

SVSU operates on a rolling admission basis; however, for best results, application is encouraged by February 15 for Fall, October 1 for Winter, and February 1 for Spring and/or Summer. Earlier university application may be required for students also applying to professional programs.

2001–2016 Saginaw Valley State

2001–2016 Saginaw Valley State

You can apply to Saginaw Valley State University at any point in the year. However, you may apply up to one year before your intended SVSU start term and we strongly recommend that you apply at least by the time you begin your last semester/quarter at your present college or university. Do not wait until you have completed your last class. The chart below can be used as a guide on when to submit your application.

Students are encouraged to apply for admission up to one year prior to their intended start date at Saginaw Valley State University. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. Each application is considered individually based on overall academic achievement, ACT or SAT scores and extra-curricular involvement.

2001–2016 Saginaw Valley State

Apply - Saginaw Valley State University

To ensure academic success, SVSU recommends that interested students have a 3.0 high school GPA or higher. However, if a student does not meet this criteria he or she is not denied from dual enrolling. Each application is considered individually based upon the particular class the student is interested in taking.

Please return all documents listed above to: Saginaw Valley State University Office of Undergraduate Admissions, 7400 Bay Road, University Center, MI 48710.

Freshman - Saginaw Valley State University
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Saginaw Valley State University Admissions - ThoughtCo

Bismarck Tribune Collection – February 1961
00080-Box 4-File 2-01 Mr. and Mrs. Lanny Ross Wilson
00080-Box 4-File 2-02 Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Stein
00080-Box 4-File 2-03 Mr. and Mrs. Dan Hone
00080-Box 4-File 2-04 Mr. and Mrs. Don Ehreth
00080-Box 4-File 2-05 Mr. and Mrs. James Koch
00080-Box 4-File 2-06 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Schirado
00080-Box 4-File 2-07 Irene Lovin
00080-Box 4-File 2-08 Albina Greff
00080-Box 4-File 2-09 Carol Weisbeck
00080-Box 4-File 2-10 Verlla (sp?) Krein
00080-Box 4-File 2-11 Donna Klein
00080-Box 4-File 2-12 Myrna Arndt
00080-Box 4-File 2-13 Jane Bader
00080-Box 4-File 2-14 Sandra Kleven
00080-Box 4-File 2-15 Frances Schmidt
00080-Box 4-File 2-16 Helen Atkins
00080-Box 4-File 2-17 Beverly Sayler
00080-Box 4-File 2-18 Sharon Exner
00080-Box 4-File 2-19 Shirley Ding
00080-Box 4-File 2-20 Marlys Welch
00080-Box 4-File 2-21 Mary Jo Coats
00080-Box 4-File 2-22 Jody Krein
00080-Box 4-File 2-23 Marlene Janko
00080-Box 4-File 2-24 Rita Goetz
00080-Box 4-File 2-25 Nadine Hersch
00080-Box 4-File 2-26 Arloene Huizenga
00080-Box 4-File 2-27 Operation Research – Group of women
00080-Box 4-File 2-28 Three women sitting in Colonial Carriage
00080-Box 4-File 2-29 Mrs. William Mushek, Mandan, State Director; Mrs. Donald Casavant, Fargo, State Treasurer
00080-Box 4-File 2-30 Mrs. William Mushek, Mandan, State Director; Mrs. Donald Casavant, Fargo, State Treasurer
00080-Box 4-File 2-31 Mrs. C.H. Ruzicka, Mandan, President, ND League; Mrs. H.T. Moore, Fargo, Vice President, ND League
00080-Box 4-File 2-32 Rep. Powers; Mrs. Robert Lonergan, Bismarck, Vice President, Bismarck group; Mrs. Robert T. Nelson, Bismarck, President, Bismarck group
00080-Box 4-File 2-33 Leno, Tyler, Whitley
00080-Box 4-File 2-34 Four women
00080-Box 4-File 2-35 Five women
00080-Box 4-File 2-36 Three women
00080-Box 4-File 2-37 Three women – Table Talk
00080-Box 4-File 2-38 Six women – Coffee Break
00080-Box 4-File 2-39 Three women and two men
00080-Box 4-File 2-40 ND Bowhunting – Seven men
00080-Box 4-File 2-41 Reinhold Wagner, Bismarck, Sales Chairman; Mrs. Darrell Kline, Mandan
00080-Box 4-File 2-42 Three men
00080-Box 4-File 2-43 Mark Andrews, Director; John Eaton, Denby Director; W.M. Harrington, Mayor of Minot, Director – Garrison Diversion
00080-Box 4-File 2-44 Garrison Meeting – Vernon Sturlaugson, Minnewauken, Director; Gilman A. Strand, Portland, Director
00080-Box 4-File 2-45 W.H. Sallee, Upham director and operator of Deep River Dev. Farm; Harold Arthur, Asst. reg. director Bureau of Rec. Billing
00080-Box 4-File 2-46 Garrison Conservation Meeting - Legion Hall
00080-Box 4-File 2-47 E.G. Ranum, Valley City, Director Barnes Co.; (seated) Alf N. Larson, Director Ransom Co.; (in rear)Peter L. Hoffart, Director Pierce Co. – Garrison Cons. Meeting
00080-Box 4-File 2-48 Farm Bureau President’s Meeting – Lawrence Kukowski, Beach, President Golden Valley County; Milton Guenther, Dunn Center, Dunn County President
00080-Box 4-File 2-49 Farm Bureau President’s Meeting – John Donnelly, Grafton, President Walsh County; Darwin Rose, Hettinger, President Adams County; Levi Dawson, Almont, President, Grant County
00080-Box 4-File 2-50 Around the World – Five women
00080-Box 4-File 2-51 Group of men
00080-Box 4-File 2-52 Glenn Anderson, Warehouse Superintendent for Red Owl Stores, Inc., explains to students Vern Anderson, of Regan, Arthur Coffing, Mott; Carlyle Hillstrom, Mandan, and Marlen Coleman, Bismarck; sorting and bagging operation of Red River Valley potatoes in the Pre-Packaged Produce Department, a new 7000 square foot addition to the warehouse.
00080-Box 4-File 2-53 Two women and a man with oversized check
00080-Box 4-File 2-54 Four men
00080-Box 4-File 2-55 Man in headdress
00080-Box 4-File 2-56 Man in headdress
00080-Box 4-File 2-57 Head table at banquet “Building Bigger Better Bismarck 1961”
00080-Box 4-File 2-58 Three men with wildlife pictures
00080-Box 4-File 2-59 Crowd looking at table display
00080-Box 4-File 2-60 Four men with stuffed animals
00080-Box 4-File 2-61 Four men with stuffed animals
00080-Box 4-File 2-62 Three women – Baby Business
00080-Box 4-File 2-63 Select Seniors – in front of Bismarck High School
00080-Box 4-File 2-64 Two students
00080-Box 4-File 2-65 Two students
00080-Box 4-File 2-66 Student
00080-Box 4-File 2-67 Man with two Girl Scouts - First Sale
00080-Box 4-File 2-68 Boy and girl in band uniforms - Band executives
00080-Box 4-File 2-69 Boy and girl in band uniforms
00080-Box 4-File 2-70 Students learning about dental care
00080-Box 4-File 2-71 View of mall from Capitol building
00080-Box 4-File 2-72 Lt. James Fowler
00080-Box 4-File 2-73 Three women and one man
00080-Box 4-File 2-74 Dentist, nurse, and patient
00080-Box 4-File 2-75 Three men working near frozen river
00080-Box 4-File 2-76 Crane and vehicles on frozen river
00080-Box 4-File 2-77 Men working on frozen river
00080-Box 4-File 2-78 Tree stumps
00080-Box 4-File 2-79 Tree stumps
00080-Box 4-File 2-80 6th Street road sweepers
00080-Box 4-File 2-81 6th Street road sweepers
00080-Box 4-File 2-82 Slushy street
00080-Box 4-File 2-83 Grading road – Riverside Park East Rd.
00080-Box 4-File 2-84 Train derailment
00080-Box 4-File 2-85 Train derailment
00080-Box 4-File 2-86 Four men with coins
00080-Box 4-File 2-87 Four men with coins

Saginaw Valley State University Admission Requirements

Bismarck Tribune Collection - September
00080-Box 01-File 07-51 Two men standing with small trailer
00080-Box 01-File 07-52 Mrs. Peter Gibson
00080-Box 01-File 07-53 Group of women on visit to Washington
00080-Box 01-File 07-54 Presentation of the Bismarck Victory Club’s quilt to the Virgin Islands Museum, St. Thomas, V.I. From left are Jim Bough, treasurer of the museum committee; Mrs. Dennis Lagarde, museum caretaker; Evan Francois, Republican committeeman from the Virgin Islands; Bill Quetel, and Mrs. Ethel Byers. The last three represented the U.S. Virgin Islands at the Republican convention in Chicago. Mrs. Byers is associated with her husband, Major Joseph Byers, in the operation of Yacht Haven, one of the Virgin Islands’ leading resorts.
00080-Box 01-File 07-55 Les Rasmussen and Joe LaFave – Bismarck Pacemakers
00080-Box 01-File 07-56 Marlys Sailer, James Stroup, and Larry Foss of Hazen
00080-Box 01-File 07-57 Vicki Dillavou, Bismarck High, Chairman of morning session
00080-Box 01-File 07-58 Flag flying on the roof of the capitol for one day only. Governor’s office received letter and flag from Otis Flag Company in Louisville (KY), requesting they fly flag for one day atop the capitol, same as is customary with Old Glory in Washington, D.C. Flag to be used in special patriotic display in Kentucky.
00080-Box 01-File 07-59 Albert E. Sonntag and Daniel R. deWet
00080-Box 01-File 07-60 Norman H. Davis, Jr. – Electrical Convention – Executive Engineer, Chicago
00080-Box 01-File 07-61 Mrs. P.J. Wentz, Napoleon, District President; Mrs. Karl Ericson, New Rockford; Mrs. Ross McIntosh, Cavalier, State Chairman; and Mrs. Morris
00080-Box 01-File 07-62 Joe Niece, Pony Express rider, picking up the mail from Postal Clerk Harold Land in Beach (ND). The Pony Express ride was commemorating the 100th anniversary of the Pony Express.
00080-Box 01-File 07-64 At one of the relay stations which was on the Montana-North Dakota line, the mail is being picked up by a rider on a fresh horse to be carried to another rider a mile away. Ten riders participated in this event.
00080-Box 01-File 07-65 Mrs. Lydia Erwin, Bismarck Member of Association; William E. Unti, Executive Director, Jamestown; Robert Milisen, Indiana University
00080-Box 01-File 07-66 Man beside machine
00080-Box 01-File 07-67 Two men shaking hands
00080-Box 01-File 07-68 Unidentified couple
00080-Box 01-File 07-69 Terry Morris, Missouri Slope 4-H, in tractor competition
00080-Box 01-File 07-70 Unidentified couple – Hawaii bound

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