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out NOW! Production by Hudson Mohawke and Oneohtrix Point Never.

A work-in-progress screening of Antony and Charles Atlas' tour documentary film TURNING is being presented at the closing night gala at on November 11th in Copenhagen. Click on the image above for further information on the screening.

In 2006 Antony and the Johnsons and Charles Atlas toured Europe with a concert and live video portrait of 13 women from New York City. The film TURNING explores the heart of that performance. Through its synthesis of Antony´s songs and unfurling video portraiture of the beauties who performed on stage, TURNING creates an intimate and cinematic experience exploring the themes of identity, transcendence and the revelation of essence.

 You will be asked to provide your social security number for identification purposes.

Again, this is by design. Lenin and Stalin wanted classical-liberal individualism replaced with something less able to resist totalitarianism, not more. Volk-Marxist fantasy and postmodern nihilism served their purposes; the emergence of an adhesive counter-ideology would not have. Thus, the Chomskys and Moores and Fisks are running a program carefully designed to dead-end at nothing.

“I miss the times when I was really free.” Some beautiful

You will be asked to provide your social security number for identification purposes.

Oh hell yeah. If I recall, you’ve made the point (for those of little reading comprehension) that it was basically anything but, and NOT what you considered an ideal result.

Luscinia seems a pretty sorry specimen to me, too. But in this establishment we attack the ideas, not the person. Please try to refrain from uttering irrelevant personal insults.

Goodbye, dear Edwige, butch elegance, punk legend.

It's a whole new world.  Let’s be brave and tell the truth as much as we can.  Anohni x

Soviet propaganda (Gramscian Damage) resembles the current progressive democratic party platform. The communist plan has worked as all the far left liberals are indoctrinating high school and college students with these falsehoods.

a West with a chauvinized America at its head would smite the Saracen with weapons that would destroy entire populations and fuse Mecca into glass. The horror of our victory would echo for a thousand years.

photo of Edwige, Antony and Tilda Swinton NYC 2012 by Chuck Fiorello
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Uranium mining ban a must for .

I would revise Steele’s description by demoting modernism from an essential to an accidental feature of Italo-German Fascism, not shared by Spanish and Japanese Fascism. If we pull these varieties into the frame it becomes clear that the essential features of Fascism are irrationalism and a totalizing theory of the State. Reactionary Fascism is possible.

The Great Barrier Reef: an Obituary

The reason the “beardies” don’t fit Steele’s frame is that he’s focusing on Italian and German Fascism, which he rightly describes as radically modernizing. The picture becomes a little more complicated if we consider Spanish and Japanese fascism. Spanish fascism, in particular, was genuinely reactionary in the same way that Islamic fascism is today. Japanese fascism combined reactionary and modernizing elements in ways too complex to go into here.

Antony on BBC4's Loose Ends last year

Both flavors of Fascism have powerfully influenced the Middle East. The Baath took its cues from modernist Fascism, but other movements such as the Christian Phalangists in Lebanon took reactionary Spanish Fascism as a model. The doctrine of the Muslim Brotherhood (the root organization of Hamas, Jamiat-al-Islami, and al-Qaeda) is more ambiguous; like Japanese Fascism it combines reactionary and revolutionary-modernist ideas in subtle ways.

baby i'm holding on dear this heart it is a waxwork of echoes

Ah, right, adrian10 found the David Ramsay Steele article on Fascism. It’s pretty good; actually it’s probably the best single exposition I’ve seen on that topic. And yes, the stuff on Sorelian irrationalism is dead on.

Check out the "Director's Cut" of CUT THE WORLD on over at .

Keith, you have a preternatural ability to get me to rant on in embarrassing length – which isn’t as hard as it should be. Thanks again for sending the piece – Jim

HAMMER PROJECTS: ANTONY January 22nd-May 13th

I believe we spent too little time openly relishing our victory against Marxism-Leninism. I partly blame Bush 41 for tamping down the celebration, but the blame is not entirely his. Victors should loudly – even offensively – wallow in their victory – and loudly and openly mock the defeated failings of an evil enemy. We didn’t do that. So, much of what the enemy was up to remains undiscussed in the public discourse.

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