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Application Of Impact Of Jet On Vane Free Essays

Online Application PortalThe Online Application Portal is where you will manage and submit your application. You will also be able to check the status of your application and report issues or questions to the JET Desk.

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All Canadian applications for the JET Programme must be submitted through the Online Application Portal. It is open to new applicants during the fall application period only.

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"If I mention my arrest or medical problem, I won't get in." Yes, criminal records and medical conditions (including depression and mental illness) are taken into consideration, and yes there is a chance that a criminal record or health condition could potentially lead to a rejection. For the vast majority of applicants, though, neither is an impediment to participating with the JET Program (in most cases, if they are unsuccessful, it is because the overall application was considered to be weaker than others). Whether or not a criminal record or medical condition would disqualify an applicant depends upon the issue and the circumstances surrounding it. Considering that criminal offenses and health concerns can cover a lot of different situations, a large percentage of our applications do include physician forms and background checks, so if you need to submit one as well, it won't necessarily stand out. The worst thing you could do is neglect to disclose something. If we discover that an applicant withheld something that was supposed to be disclosed in the application, it will result in immediate disqualification (even if it was by accident). If you're not sure if something should be included or not (or if you're tempted to "forget" to include something), just put it in. If you even have to ask, it should be in there.

"I have way more experience and interest in JET than my classmate, but he got in and I was rejected. JET is totally random." There's a lot of time and effort that goes into the JET selection process. There is nothing random about it. However, selections are made through a combined effort of many people, and as such different people have different opinions and perspectives. Your classmate's personality could have seemed like a better fit for JET than yours. Or, maybe the people who reviewed your application and interview were harsher than the people who looked at his. We work hard to standardize the selection process, but there will always be that human element there. That will never go away, and neither should it. Our primary goal will always be to find the people whom we feel will make the best JETs. There's no magic equation that will lead to acceptance. Don't be resentful and take a rejection to heart. Remember, no one "deserves" to be a JET, at least not more so than anyone else. If you truly are the "perfect JET candidate," then prove it to us and apply again next year

"In the application, I used paperclips where I was supposed to use staples and staples where I was supposed to use paperclips. Will the application be discarded?" No. Your application won't be rejected for that, but it will slow down the processing stage, which delays the reviewing stage, which delays the interview notifications. So, to speed up the process (and to avoid potential point reductions), follow the instructions as closely as possible.

"JET Coordinators are scary people. I should never ask them questions." Well, the scary part might not entirely be a myth, but most of them are pretty friendly and helpful. Please do try to find answers to your questions online, but if you can't find what you need or if you want extra information/reassurance, contact them. Many of them are JET alumni and care a lot about the program. If you want feedback from someone not involved with the program's administration, try contacting a nearby JETAA group (just remember that alumni's situations and experiences won't necessarily be the same as yours).

"The JET Program is looking for people who don't speak Japanese" - Although it is not required to have studied about Japan or speak Japanese it is helpful if you have a background and interest in Japan. This myth often is perpetuated from unsuccessful JET applicants who have a background studying Japanese. It is important to remember that the JET Program not only focuses on individuals interested in Japan, but also those interested in teaching and participating in cross-culture exchange.

"The JET Program prefers white Anglo applicants" - The JET Program does not discriminate against someone's ethnicity. In the application there is no place to indicate your ethnicity. Most current and former JET Participants will tell you that JET participants are very diverse with a mix of different cultures, genders, sexual orientations, and ethnic backgrounds.

"It is easier/harder to be accepted at [insert Japanese Embassy/Consulate location here]" - All of the applications that are received by the Japanese Embassy have the same review standards regardless of what Embassy/Consulate you are interviewing through. There is also review standards set for the interviews. There may be a smaller/larger number of participants that make it onto the short-list, but this is a reflection of number of applications received from a certain location, not on the competitive level at each location.

"The JET Program prefers applicants that are currently students who will be graduating in the fall/spring" - Although many of our applicants are current students interested in participating on the JET Program right after graduation every year there are more and more successful applicants who are not recent graduates. This year the majority of the participants we sent from our consulate had already graduated when they applied for the JET.

"The JET Program only has placements in very rural areas of Japan" - Although it is true that most of the placements on the JET Program are rural there are still many suburban and urban placements. These placements may not be in the areas that are as well known (i.e. Tokyo) as other urban placements, but if you are interested in a more urban setting research Japan and find a city that may not have as many placement requests. We recommend referring to

"You have a better chance of being accepted to the JET Program if I put "No Preference" when requesting placement" - Ideally a JET Participant will thrive wherever they will be placed in Japan, but this doesn't mean the program does not take into account an applicant's placement request and it does not help/hurt you if you put "No Preference" on your application. I recommend that when applying you research Japan and match your interests to the locations you request. JET Participants are in Japan for a minimum of one year, we want them to be comfortable and happy where they will be living.

If I put "No Driver's License" I will have a better chance of being placed in an Urban area - Whether you have an international driver's license or not you may be placed in a rural setting where it may be much more convenient to drive. If you do not have a license you may be burdened a difficult commute.

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Sep 16, 2016 · The Statement of Purpose (SoP) essay is an important part of your application when applying for the JET Programme. A solid, well-written essay …

The JET Application Package and Guidelines will be provided in the Online Application Portal of this website during the fall application period. We only accept applications submitted in this way. We do not accept resumes or other documents other than those outlined in the Application Guidelines. Please note that the information provided on this page is based on previous years' application guidelines, and is subject to change.

Or you could be that one guy that’s dreamed about the JET Program since he discovered anime at the age of ten and did everything in his life for this very moment in October/November when the application goes online.

What can I do to prepare my application
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The JET Programme - JET FAQ for applicants

The Annual Cole Essay Contest is accepting completed applications and essays on the topic of “How I will perpetuate my Jewish knowledge and practice as a college freshman, and why” through 1:00 PM, Friday, April 21, 2017.

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Now, for the SOP. This is the rumored essay that holds the most weight on the application. A two paged, double spaced, essay explaining your reasons why JET, why Japan, and how much you will rock Japan’s world on the program. Please, for the love of God, do not spend time talking about your study abroad and how much you missed Japan or about that one time you taught Tarou the English language. This is a job; they’re looking for people who are going to go into that classroom and teach some awesome English while understanding the core values of the JET Program.

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