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The Uncomfortable Truth About Affirmative Action and …

Unintended consequences related to fairness and racial equality have complicated perceptions and influenced public opinion relating to the effectiveness and the future of affirmative action programs.

In contrast,  recently wrote in opposition of affirmative action for our recent editorial contest:

Affirmative action creates equality in college, so I strongly support affirmative action. Diversity is important for college and for student because we learn from college and if we don’t communicate with different ethnic groups than student will feel uncomfortable when they have to work with different ethnic group.

Against Affirmative Action in College Admissions Essay …

The ruling allows the limited use of affirmative action policies by schools.

Affirmative action in university admissions results in a more diverse student body. One of the goals of a college education is teaching students how to interact with people from different racial or ethnic backgrounds, and a more diverse campus results in graduates being better equipped to interact with different kinds of people. The study [PDF] (Journal of College Student Development, March/April 2007) has shown that affirmative action is favorable for this very reason: It shows that “student-body diversity was indirectly, but not directly, related to gains in understanding people from diverse backgrounds.”

I, as a Pacific Islander, have always benefited from the implementation of affirmative action, and yet I am appalled by the idea of being given an advantage in college admissions based strictly on the ethnicity with which I identify. I am constantly frustrated that I may only have been accepted to certain institutions based on nothing more than the fact that I will help fulfill their diversity proportion. I may never know if my academics alone, without my ethnicity, would have been sufficient for me to attend a prestigious university. Instead, I feel as if all of my achievements are demeaned because of my identification with a non-white ethnicity and judged by others who may believe that I was only accepted to certain universities because of my ethnicity and not my academic standings.

Essay on affirmative action in college admissions

Is the state forbidden, then, to act against future dangers when they might still be prevented?

Affirmative action is a good way to help with prejudice and racial equality. America is still based on racist; the only thing you can do to go somewhere and become somebody is to work hard. I am agreeing with then Michigan law about the affirmative action not because I like it but it is preferable to take that than to base on racist and ethnicity. Now the only thing should be matter to the students is if you want to be admitted to a college is to work hard and try to make time for you to become a studier and make the difference and prove that the law of affirmative action is the right choice instead of allowing racist and ethnicity to continue, even though it will still be there but the most important thing is to draw the example means that you use your potential to get here and push friend to do the same. Affirmative action gives the boost that African Americans, Latino American all the other nations need. Because they know they have potential to succeed, they just need a boost.

I do not support the Affirmative Action because it doesn’t foment the social diversity and doesn’t help to growing up as a human respecting other cultures and nations, it cannot help you to earn more knowledge from other countries and with this the universities cannot select the best students with a perfect GPA on their admissions instead that they just limited in specific race. That is unfair putting a tag to a person just because their ethnicity, that’s racist. And yes Michigan does a good job choosing the best athletes no matter the ethnicity it will help them to get the best instead picking just the best of a specific race.

Secondly, society lacks an accepted procedure for determining whether and to what degree actions permitted by law were unjust.
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The Affirmative Action Debate: Five Issues to Consider

Because our legal doctrine prohibits racial quotas, it is currentlyimpossible to have an honest discussion of these questions. The truth isthat, in addition to a holistic review of each applicant that considersrace as one factor, colleges undertake some amount of balancing so thatthey do not end up with a class that is swamped by members of anyparticular race—or with too many scientists, poets, or dancers, for thatmatter. But admissions offices cannot admit to efforts at racialbalancing or anything that sounds remotely like quotas. Hence, Harvard’slitigation position must attribute the resulting race composition andthe percentage of Asians in its class solely to the holistic method,admitting to no racial balancing. This account is plausible if, in fact,despite disproportionately strong academic credentials, Asianapplicants are severely less likely than white ones to have the specialpersonal qualities that colleges seek. That is the inevitableimplication of Harvard’s position, which would be in line withlong-standing perceptions of Asians as indistinguishable from oneanother. The lawsuit may well entail an inquiry into whether Asianapplicants’ non-academic qualifications were disproportionatelyun-special compared to those of white applicants. (In addition toHarvard submitting comprehensive admissions data for discovery in thecase, several competitive high schools with large numbers of Asianstudents are also being asked to provide information about theirstudents’ applications to Harvard.)

Essay On Affirmative Action In College Admissions

No, I do not support Affirmative Action in College Admissions because it is not fair to people from a different race. I think the people in a different race should be treated equally like we are supposed to be. And everyone should have the opportunity to have an equally education. That’s true there are many people who have to work to help paying their family bills and their own, but it is more difficult for people who have to work and study than who do not have to work at college. Maybe for this reason the GPA people get down. If you want to be successful in college you need to have time to study.

free essay on Against Affirmative Action

? No, I don’t support the affirmative action because it’s kind of preventing some other people to enroll them to keep studying. The affirmative action is unfair because there are a lot of people who want to keep improving their studies to become some who they dream since they were kids. It’s fair that officers don’t look at ethnicity or race because if they do it will be racism and it can go to court and many things will change and many fights will start. The affirmative action isn’t a nice way to promote the diverse student body because many students will drop their dreams and some of them will look for the easy way to get money and the state will be in more danger.

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